15 April 2012

Why Does Academia Hate American Culture?

From a recent piece at the American Thinker . . .

The left [which includes institutional academia, most of the media, and the rest of the ruling class elite] seems to be in love with preserving every culture in the world but our own. Prominent elements of the cultural left love to preoccupy themselves with remote peoples [as well as political systems like socialism and communism] in distant places like Papua New Guinea and the deepest recesses of the Amazon rainforest.
And  . . .

. . . the left assumes that all of our institutions are dangerous.  Leftists view republican government as a threat; they see it as destructive.  So they counter it by using the state to engulf the order of things.  According to their thinking, the danger, then, would melt away.
This is why so many academic historians and leftist history bloggers ("Canting ideologues" as Eugene Genovese has labeled them) publicly endorsed Barack Obama 4 years ago. (Strange, they don't seem to be quite as vocal about their support this time around.) This is also why they claim the mantle of "enemy of American Exceptionalism" which traditionally exemplified rugged individualism, liberty and limited government. They think we need their control, guidance and wisdom - hence more bureaucracy and statism - run by them, of course.

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