24 May 2012

As I Suspected - Just More Confirmation About Fox News "Dummies"

This is a follow up to a previous post about Fox News and the fact most Americans are getting their news and opinions there. If you'll go to that post, you can read the exchange I had with a professional historian who suggested that those who get their news from Fox are "less informed." He cited an academic study as his proof. (Eye roll) - Yes, of course, we should be listening to and watching government funded propaganda outlets like NPR and PBS. Well, as it turns out I was right. The "statistics" from the academic study were apparently skewed - I believe purposely - to make it appear Fox News viewers are less informed. 

The academic "study" to which the commenter referred to in that previous most is just more propaganda; pushing a self-serving narrative and agenda that conservatives are just dumb Neanderthals.

But does it really? MSNBC received similarly low scores, and their numbers were not oversampled. In fact, if this graph showing knowledge of domestic affairs is to be believed, the people who ended up the most misinformed were conservatives who made the mistake of watching MSNBC. The only people who ended up misinformed after watching Fox, on the other hand, were liberals:

Keep it up - you folks continue to confirm what a growing number of Americans already suspect know. As I am lamenting more and more, this is just getting way too easy. The ruling class elites no longer own the narrative. The alternative media, the blogosphere, homeschooling, and technology are all working in synergy and tearing down your ivory towers. You are going to have to deal with reality, whether you like it or not. You can read more details about this bogus study here, as well as another one here. As always, when the facts don't fit the left's agenda, they just create their own. It's really fun to watch them have a head-on collision with the truth.


Brock Townsend said...

The alternative media, the blogosphere, homeschooling, and technology are all working in synergy and tearing down your ivory towers.

Yes, Sir. By the way, did you receive my email on Our State?

Lindsay said...

I love that all of these alternative ways of thinking are getting more and more attention. It is about time that Americans wake up and take our country back. I like Fox News, and will continue to support them and as someone who does compare them with other news outlets, they are the most fair by a LONG SHOT.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

No, Brock, I don't think so.

Lindsay - I compare as well. I don't have cable TV, so I get most of my news from local radio, talk radio, the internet and, believe it or not, PBS.

Brother Juniper said...

And Limbaugh's listeners are well informed as shown here:
I believe that this is so because conservatives have always read both liberal and conversative papers (after all, you do check the news out after reading the more important things like the baseball scores). - Peter MacHare (who has a new google account).

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hey Peter. You are correct. I'm constantly amazed at the ignorance of those on the left, particularly those with college educations. It is absolutely stunning. I guess its as Reagan once said - "It's not that they know so little, its that so much of what they know is wrong" - or something like that.