31 May 2012

My Confederate Ancestor - John McGann

The photo at the very top of the header on this blog is one taken of my great-great grandfather, John McGann and his family. Grandpa McGann fought with the 51st Virginia. Recently, I was contacted by another descendant of McGann who made this comment:

What I can't figure out is that John enlisted in the 51st. However I think he was one of the twelve that surrendered at Appomattox with Rives Battery Nelson Light Artillery. I just can't find the connection. ~ James McGann
So there's some confusion over his service, but I have pension records which indicate he served in the 51st. Below are some photos I've collected over the years, including a couple shared by James. More to come later.

John McGann later in life, in front of the homeplace - still owned by McGann descendants.

John McGann as a younger man.
McGann family graves around 2005 - just crude field stones turned on end for headstones.
Same spot in 1913. We believe this is a photograph from John's funeral.
The property in all the photos is still owned by McGanns. I live within 10 miles of the property. I have a number of ancestors - McGanns, Campbells, Coffeys - buried in the hollows of the Blue Ridge Mountains. My home sits within the shadows cast by the mountains literally, and my ancestors figuratively.


13thBama said...

Many units, as they dwindled were incorporated into one group or another. I believe the 13th Alabama got to that point toward the end. It is awesome that you have all that so close to you.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Good point 13B. Yes, it is kinda cool. McGann was from my father's side of the family. 2 ridges over, my great-great grandfather, Maurice Coffey who also fought for the 51st, is also buried.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Forgot to add . . . Grandpa Coffey is on my mother's side of the family.