10 May 2012

Part Of The New Media

"This is an amazing time. A communication revolution is taking place and The Truth is winning out as the liars stare into the abyss of irrelevance and bankruptcy."

The same thing is happening in education as homeschooling continues to explode and academia prices itself out of the marketplace. Long distance learning is the wave of the future that's already arrived. Why waste time and money funding a bunch of anti-American leftists when you can learn, in most cases, just as much or more from your PC?

Both the media and education revolution are also being driven, at least in part, by ideology. Just as many Americans are sick of the state controlled media mouthpieces like CNN, WAPO, NYT, CBS, NBC, ABC, etc, etc., they are also concerned over the leftist ideology which seems to be growing on university campuses. Nothing like paying over $100,000 to have your child indoctrinated and taught to reject many of the values you've strived to teach them. If parents aren't saddled with the debt, the graduate spends years paying off loans and entering a jobless economy created by the "experts" who indoctrinated them. What a deal! If higher ed doesn't soon get their act together, they too may be staring "into the abyss of irrelevance and bankruptcy."

The blogosphere is also part of this revolution as more and more folks go online to get their news and information. This includes information on culture, history, and politics. Truly an amazing time to be alive.

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