04 June 2012

Academia's & The Ruling Class's Colossal & Embarrassing Failure(s)

Despite scientists’ increasing efforts to convince the public to embrace evolution and to abandon creationism, it seems Americans’ views on the matter have changed little over the past three decades. New research from Gallup conducted earlier this month found that 46 percent of Americans still embrace creationism, the notion that God directly created human beings in their present form at one point in the last 10,000 years. More here.
And . . .

The researchers found significant drops in public climate change beliefs in the late 2000s: for example, the Gallup 2008 poll reported that between 60 and 65 percent of people agreed with statements of opinion that global warming is imminent, it is not exaggerated, and the theory is agreed upon by scientists. By 2010, those numbers had dropped to about 50 percent. (That's what happens when you're caught lying.) More here.

And, finally, this one must really tweak their twinkies . . .

A new poll from the Pew Research Center reports that nearly half of Americans identify states’ rights as the primary cause of the Civil War. This is a remarkable finding, because virtually all American textbooks and prominent historians emphasize slavery, as they have for decades. Even more striking, the poll shows young people put more stock in the states’ rights explanation than older people. The 38 percent of Americans who believe slavery was mainly to blame find themselves losing ground. More here.

This is what happens when you've ruined your own credibility. The truth always prevails - eventually. Sometimes the intervening period of deception causes much destruction and pain, but the truth always prevails. The laws of nature and nature's God guarantees it.

Also worth noting - I read a post by one of these pretend historians recently which called Glenn Beck's internet TV venture "fledgling." That particular blogger has since removed that post (a recurring habit of his) - perhaps he had an encounter with the truth:

I may find Glenn Beck’s schtick repellent, based as it is on demonization of Beck’s perceived enemies and conspiracy theories. But six months after his Glenn Beck TV launched, it’s relatively clear that Beck’s efforts to build a stand-alone television channel have been successful: 300,000 people are paying either $9.95 per month or $99.95 per year for access to the network, which they can access on their computers, iPads and iPhones, and on their televisions through streaming players like Roku. Between subscriptions and advertising, GBTV is going to make $40 million in its first year. More here at Think Progress.

And . . . 

To that end, Emanuel praised Glenn Beck as a "model" for the future of television . . . (More here at the Huffington Post.)

And . . . 

What's the future of television? It might be online. Glenn Beck's new online-only show, GBTV, kicked off with a bang to the tune of 230,000 paying subscribers -- before any episodes were released. That's more than Oprah's entire channel netted in June, according to the Wall Street Journal. More here at BusinessInsider.
Now, you will note that none of the above sources could be considered "right-wing" cheerleaders for Beck - as a matter of fact, two of them are ideologically 180 degrees of Beck. But, even a blind hog can find an acorn once in a while. Here's the lesson - check your facts before you post nonsense. The days when academia and the rest of the elite class controlled the flow of information are over - they've just not realized it yet.

And the folks at some of the big lefty networks are in panic mode - and rightfully so:

  "May Ratings: CNN Hits New Low, MSNBC Down Double Digits" (More here.)

I suppose the media "experts" should try to learn something from Glenn Beck. But they won't. Yes, it would appear the propagandists are losing their grip on their version of the "truth." Isn't it delightful? And just wait until the next bubble bursts - the student loan bubble.


13thBama said...

Piltdown Man believes in evolution and global warming!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

13B - one hoax deserves another. ;o

I suppose this is why so many of these folks focus on the myth of thousands of armed black Confederate soldiers - it takes the spotlight off of their own myths.