12 June 2012

Finally, A Dose Of Sanity

Most folks have, by now, likely heard about the recent commencement address in which the speaker very wisely gave the students the cold water in the face treatment: "None of You is Special."

What I did not realize until today, however, is that the speaker is the son of one of my favorite historians - David McCullough. It is quite obvious from reading the text of the address and listening to the recording that David McCullough, Jr. is a chip off the old block. Thank God for a dose of sanity in an increasingly insane society run by the inmates. You may view the address below. You can read the text here. I'm sure we'll be hearing more from David Jr.


Jubilo said...

Dear Old Dom.,
Refreshing !

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Yes, quite.

Anonymous said...

He told them the honest Truth!