16 June 2012

Why Academia Thinks & Acts Like Adolescents

"So again why is it that too many faculty feel it necessary to denigrate our nation?  Here is one theory.  When adolescents come into their adulthood it is both natural and healthy to challenge the authority that ruled them.  This is even more so in a free nation such as the United States.  Yet at some point the adolescent becomes the adult and hopefully, begins to understand some of the decisions of their parents.  In the 1960s adolescents came to the academy in unprecedented numbers due to the demographic anomaly called the baby boom.  Yet for all too many they did not move out.  In fact they stayed and many remain their today in a cocoon of tenure.  Arrested Development prevails on all too many campuses in which many of our professors simply never grew up and with their forefathers gone, it is the United States which represents the authority upon which they exercise their continued teenage angst. 

"But this theory has a hole.  The 1960s were 40 years ago and many of the baby boom professors are gone.  The reality is that like an intellectual aristocracy they control the next group of professors and pass on their positions and tenure like a feudal lord passing on a fiefdom.  It is time for this aristocracy to end and for the members of the faculty lounge to grow up."

Vindication. This is why academia continues to lose credibility in American society and why it is becoming more and more marginalized with each passing semester. Their historic perspectives and analysis is often shallow and reflects a simplistic, almost juvenile understanding of our nation's founding and most of the history that followed. More and more are seeing through their thinly veiled agenda-dominated viewpoints. Many Americans look at these people who apparently live in an alternate universe as a bit "kooky." Perhaps they are. Perhaps they just need to grow out of their intellectual puberty. More here.

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