05 July 2012

The Enemies Of American Exceptionalism Collude

Are you getting as sick of this as I am? So many of the CW and history related blogs seem to be on a mission to bash the Founders and portray America as an evil nation which needs to be "fundamentally transformed" into some socialist utopia. We are treated to this daily fare by academics, pseudo-historians in the blogosphere, Hollywood, and the media. I pointed one example out yesterday. Now, MSNBC joins the orgy:

In what is sure to rankle the feathers of many conservatives, MSNBC weekend host Melissa Harris-Perry took to her show Sunday to ponder the meaning of Independence Day, highlighting mostly the stains on American history. “It’s ours, all of it,” she said. “The imperialism, the genocide, the slavery . . . 

Ah yes, we must never forget to flog ourselves in some guilt-obsessed effort at redeeming our wicked past - even as we celebrate our nation's birth. National Review's Andrew McCarty nailed this rather childish perspective:

What most frustrates Americans is that we are a happy, optimistic, can-do people ceaselessly harangued by media solons, delusional academics, post-sovereign Eurocrats, and the Democrats who love them. While we free and feed the world, they can’t tell us enough that we’re racist, imperialist, torturing louts. We know it’s a libel, an endless stream of slander. But we also know it’s an absurd libel. We’re tired of hearing it, but taking it too seriously would give it power it doesn’t deserve. - Andrew McCarty, National Review online

But, spouting this garbage does get you invited to the right seminars and conferences where you can sip wine, eat cheese, and rub elbows with the smartest among us.

No thanks, I prefer reality along with fried bologna and mustard.


Brock Townsend said...

This was posted as a Saturday link @ http://www.whatwouldthefoundersthink.com/saturday-links-were-famous-edition

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks Brock.

Lindsay said...

People can say what they want but cream rises to the top...and there is a reason the United States came out on top. What kills me is that most of the people who believe this about our country are more than free to go and live elsewhere, but they don't. And for a reason.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

"most of the people who believe this about our country are more than free to go and live elsewhere, but they don't. And for a reason."

Yes, I've heard one of them slobber over Amsterdam, others over Cuba of all places . . . funny, none of them ever seem to want to leave the good ol' USA. Phonies.