17 July 2012

How Long Can This Be Sustained?

All brought to us by the smartest people in the room. They can spin history, social trends, science, and other issues, but numbers don't lie. The laws of the universe tend to enforce themselves. Another example of utopia colliding with reality.


Lindsay said...

This is beyond sad...and scary. I wonder how anyone can justify this? I read recently that the ADA (I think) is considering acknowledging a new condition, "internet-addiction." They better get ready, the lines will be miles long with people attempting to get benefits for that one. Absolutely mind-blowing.

I know this is not really connected to your original post, but I wonder if a lot of this is also due to a total lack of knowledge regarding our personal and collective pasts. People don't know who came before them, they don't research and learn about their ancestors, etc. I would be so embarrassed about NOT working hard because I come from a long line of self-made people. Farmers, etc. who WORKED for what they had. It may sound crazy, but I would feel like I was degrading a family legacy if I was taking advantage of handouts and such that I didn't truly need. People today are lacking those connections that validate hard work, and it's scary.

Sorry to going on and on...just thinking as I type!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks Lindsay - I truly appreciate your comments. Accomplishment and success is degraded by the left and popular culture. Self-made men (and women) are looked down on. My family, at several times during the last 30 years, would have qualified for food stamps, but the thought never crossed my mind due largely to the values instilled in me by my parents and grandparents.

Lady Em said...

Its one thing to take help when you need it. If my family were desperate I would get the help I needed. But I wouldn't be proud of it...I would be ashamed and work as hard as I could to get off of assistance. I certainly wouldn't make it generational support. Drives me nuts!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Lady Em - Sure, and I don't begrudge anyone in that state, though I prefer the help coming from family, church, and community rather than the bloated, inefficient, corrupt federal government.

It is a very sad (and unnecessary) state of affairs. Thanks for commenting.