09 July 2012

History Business

For those in the relic hunting hobby - or for those just curious - please take the time to visit my fellow SCV member and relic hunter, Josh Silva's new website and business:

Ironclad Detectors

Josh has extensive expertise with metal detecting, relic hunting, and the history that brings it all together:

He holds a Bachelors degree in History and Pre-Law/Political Science from Old Dominion University, and is working towards a graduate degree.

His family has fought in every American war since our nation's beginning.  His ancestor was a Private in the Revolutionary War and his Gx3 Grandfather, was a Confederate Cavalry Officer in the Army of Northern Virginia.  He's been a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans since he was 15.   In addition, Josh has appeared  in several historical documentaries on the Civil War including:  “The Civil War in Hampton Roads” on PBS,  “April 1865″ on the History Channel, “Gods and Generals” (as an extra) as well as a play put on locally in Hampton Roads about the beginnings of the Civil War here in Virginia called “The Contraband Slave Camps:  A Narrative.”  He's also written articles for metal detecting/treasure hunting magazines such as American Digger Magazine.

While studying for bachelors degree, he studied archaeology and had the privilege of excavating with the Archaeological Dept. of William and Mary University at the Jamestown settlement.  

Josh knows Virginia history, relic hunting, and the type of equipment you'll need to bring it all together!

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