17 July 2012

North South Trader's Civil War - Latest Issue

NSTCW Vol. 36 No. 4, July-August 2012:


"Capt. James R. Barnett, 35th New York,” photograph by Stephen W. Sylvia, artifacts courtesy the Lukas McKenzie Collection.

What's Inside:

Remember Us: A Wish Fulfilled

by John J. Barone

One ID disc, two lives.

Berdan Contract Sharps Rifles

by Gerald L. Earley

Handpicked men and handpicked weapons.

DIV XX & XXI: From Expectation to Elation

by Stephen W. Sylvia

History surfaces from 6th Corps battlefield, campsite,and bivouac.

The Envelope, Please: The Winner of our Youth Contest

Congratulations to first-grader Allyson Gilmore.

Berdan Sharshooter Images Surface

by Doug York

A timely arrival serves as an excellent companion piece to Gerald Earley's article.

COVER STORY: The Sword of Capt. James R. Barnett, 35th New York

by Lukas McKenzie

Premonitions and promises.

NA 111A / NA224A1: A Naval Anomaly

by Daniel J. Binder

Facts and speculation about a rare piece.

The Vicksburg Wallpaper Edition

by Nancy Dearing Rossbacher with Malcolm Allred

Discerning the genuine from the imitation.

The Lost Battle of the Loxahatchee

by Jeff Wittmann

Dedication and digging pinpoint where the action really took place.

I particularly enjoyed, as usual, publisher Stephen Sylvia's op-ed piece on history and honor. Here's an excerpt:

For many of us, pursuit of a code of honor became a personal benchmark early in our lives. Enchanted by those whose deeds and character provided inspiration as role models, we attempted to follow their example. I have seen this manifested many times in our field. In an age where many hide behind the anonymity of the Internet or the sanctuary of an attorney’s office, the man of honor adheres to the ancient code. (Read the rest here.)

As always, a great magazine with fascinating articles and beautiful photography. Even the ads are great! Published and printed in Old Virginia. You can subscribe here.

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