09 August 2012

Civil War Chaplains Museum In The News

Fellow board member Alan Farley has a piece about the National Civil War Chaplains Museum in the current issue of the  Civil War Courier:

War Between the States Chaplains preformed a myriad of duties for their charges. They preached, acted as personal counselors, teachers, visited the sick, wrote letters, sought supplies, wrote unit histories, and also acted as bulwarks against the usual vices associated with camp life. In a few cases some chaplains also took up arms and joined in the fray of battle. In the words of Dr. James I. Robertson at the Museum’s grand opening; “They had an abiding faith in God’s will. This museum will be a fitting and appropriate memorial to the 3,000 plus men who truly followed St. Paul. They kept the faith, they fought the good fight.”

You can read the rest of the piece here.

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