22 August 2012

Conservatives Read More Books?

Now this is quite fascinating. As the lefty (and a few on the right as well) historians continue to pile on David Barton, it seems most readers on the left prefer Howard Zinn. Makes perfect sense. One academic historian on Kevin Levin's blog recently lamented how local PBS execs were coming under fire for not airing any of Barton's videos, yet the same historian made no mention that Howard Zinn is perfectly acceptable (see here and here) on PBS. Yes, of course, "right-wing kook historians" are a no-no, but left-wing kook historians are a-ok. No diversity of viewpoints allowed in academia and government subsidized propaganda outlets. Anyone surprised? 

But back to the map. What's this tell us? Perhaps that conservatives are more voracious readers and much better informed than are progressives and lefties?

Here is Amazon's current Election Heat Map for 2012:

Amazon will update this map daily. Be sure and visit the link and see what you can learn. Check out the actual list of books. As I said, it is quite fascinating. Don't know, but if this map is any indication of what could happen politically in November, some folks have to be very worried.

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