24 August 2012

Heritage & History

Today I had the privilege of exploring one of the most remote areas in Rockbridge County, Virginia. Guided by an older gentleman who is also a relative, I climbed into his John Deere Gator and went searching for the location of an ancestral home. We found it or, rather, what's left of it. Deep in a hollow in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this tract of land (much of it still owned by descendants) was purchased in 1866 by the widow of one of my Confederate ancestors - Great-Great Grandpa John Meredith Crutchfield. I'm still curious how a Confederate widow was able to make such a purchase so soon after the war. It's quite puzzling to me.

Below are a couple of photographs I took - first of the remaining stone foundation of the home and one of the landscape of the general area. More posts to come on this topic at some point in the future. Here, on the old homesite, a woman descended from Scottish nobility eked out a living and raised five children; the rocky ground of this Blue Ridge mountainside not much unlike the highlands of her home land in Scotland.

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