25 August 2012

Lee & The Historians In The Age Of The Anti-Hero

From C-Span:

Robert Krick delivered the dinner address, "Lee and the Historians in the Age of the Anti-Hero," at a symposium marking the 200th anniversary of the birth of Robert E. Lee. General Lee has long been one of America's most revered individuals, but opinions are subject to historical revision. Professor Krick addressed questions of whether Lee was a hero whose valor and leadership were surpassed only by his honor and humanity, or whether he was a traitor whose military skill served a bad cause and prolonged an immoral rebellion against his rightful government. Robert Krick is a former historian at Fredericksburg National Battlefield Park. The Stephen D. Lee Institute was established by the Sons of Confederate Veterans in 2005 as a forum for historical scholarship in defense of the Confederacy.

This serves as a follow up post due to some recent comments at Civil War Memory in response to my post here, which included such deep thinking and reflection as this:

Hard to think of being pro-confederacy without being pro-slavery. Is Richard pro-slavery? 
So, this rather curious logic goes something like this: "If you're not anti-Confederate you must be pro-slavery." I suppose, then, that it would follow that if you're not "anti-Obama", you're pro-infanticide.

Of course, *both positions are utterly ridiculous but you'll note that comment went by without any challenges on Levin's blog. That's the mindset there - push the agenda, even at the expense of your own credibility. I'd never let something like that even be posted here, much less let it go without a challenge - it's so intellectually dishonest and fraudulent it discredits the whole discussion - as well as the moderator. But Levin's blog is not about intellectual honesty. His (and that of many of those who comment there) M.O. is to attempt to marginalize any dissent from what they view as historical orthodoxy. But as is typically the case, their passion and arrogance blinds their sensibilities and it is they who end up looking silly, foolish, and intellectually shallow.

You can view the Krick lecture here. It's one of the best you'll ever hear. Krick is not only quite knowledgeable, he is also quite entertaining. Krick has also lamented the "anti-Confederate" perspective among modern historians. Gee, I wonder if he's pro-slavery?

By the way, you may address me as either Judge or Colonel, I have no preference. You'll understand if you watch the video.

*But just for the record, I'll state that I believe slavery is sinful and, no, I'm not pro-slavery [though my wife might argue the point]. I also believe infanticide is sinful, just to be clear - I sure don't want to leave any doubt about that, who knows who might be reading - one of Levin's brilliant followers might misconstrue something. And, not to leave any doubt, I also believe killing puppies by eating them alive is morally wrong. Heck, I don't even eat them dead and cooked.

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