29 August 2012

The America We Know . . .

Is not the same one Obama and his buddies in academia know. Mia Love hits it out of the park. She hits every quintessential facet of American Exceptionalism and did it with passion and credibility. "It's not just my story, it's our story . . . because we built it." Classic. Remember her name. I believe you'll be hearing it a lot more in the days and years to come.

Perhaps it's a bit too early, but I can envision this lady running for President - and winning. She gets it. She is a darling of the Tea Party. She is also just about everything that elites say Tea Party folks aren't - female, African-American, Haitian immigrant, from the Northeast, a college graduate, and not a Evangelical Protestant (she's Mormon).

That set of facts has got to drive the ruling class elites absolutely insane. How do they attack someone like that? I love this about her too: She asks herself three questions when she approaches any issue, "Is it affordable? Is it sustainable? Is it my job?" Michelle Obama could learn something from Mia. (Memo to Ms. Obama - the only children's lunches you should be concerned with are yours - leave the rest of us alone.)

Though I've never verbalized it quite that way, my approach to business and life is identical.

Let's see if the elites in academia embrace her like they did Obama. Don't hold your breath. She's anathema to their agenda and shatters their narrow-minded, insulated, illogical, bubble-living, out of touch worldview.


Lindsay said...

Wow...she is captivating. I will be watching for her in the future, thanks for sharing!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

You're welcome. She's authentic, unlike Obama.