16 August 2012

The Last Poled Ferry In The United States

This is a great little video about the last pole operated ferry in the United States: Hatton Ferry on the James River near Scottsville, Virginia - about an hour from my home. It dates to 1870 and is still in operation. It will ferry your car across the river. Quite interesting. Great tubing, canoeing, and fishing in that area too!

Below is a picture of me, along with three of my four daughters, at the Hatton Ferry in 2003.


13thBama said...

My family and I accompanied another family on the tubes. There is a small island everyone would stop at and rest before finishing the trip. Nice part of the James River.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Yes, I know it. Every time I've taken my family, we've stopped there and had a picnic lunch.