03 September 2012

Academia's Mindset: "Freedom An Insignificant Good"

Despite typically claiming to be neutral or uninvolved in the promotion of particular social goods, liberal regimes mobilize their immense procedural machines to the end of establishing two absolute and final goods—equality and freedom, or what Kalb derisively calls “equal freedom.”  This establishment requires a massive bureaucracy and constant policing “dedicated to the control and transformation of human life.” And while it proclaims “tolerance” and a sense of “fairness” as the two complementary cardinal virtues guiding or delimiting individual freedom, we have seen that the liberal public square proves very intolerant of any moral or intellectual claims that challenge the exclusive hegemony of tolerance.  Further, liberal regimes hasten beyond the purview of mere proceduralism in the name of establishing “fairness” in the diverse substantive affairs of social life to the point of rendering freedom an insignificant good. ~ James Matthew Wilson

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