12 September 2012

Enforced Groupthink From The Education Establishment

"Imposition of the left's education philosophy has a long history in the U.S., in Chicago and elsewhere.  It involves the application of many of the principles of behavior modification which Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov pioneered to the classroom, which in turn has evolved during the past century into a place where changing behaviors and attitudes of students have replaced learning, and where trying to ensure equal "outcomes" for all students has replaced encouraging students to achieve at as high a level as possible.  The classroom has become the bastion of groupthink and the enemy of intellectual freedom.  We have the left, and its champions of intellectual tyranny, to thank for that."

That excerpt from a piece today at the American Thinker dovetails nicely with an upcoming post about a book I'm reading:  Compromising Scholarship - Religious and Political Bias in American Higher Education. The book, by University of North Texas Professor George Yancey, is a devastating critique and indictment of academia. The book should (but it won't) forever shut the mouths of the various academics and lefty history bloggers who have come here, and elsewhere, and denied the impact of bias and agenda-driven teaching in college classrooms. 

Stay tuned.

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