18 October 2012

Academia Projects It's Own "Isms"

Academia's Savior is quickly descending to the abyss - politically speaking. The Harvard intellectual and former law "professor" represents academia oh so well. This is absolutely  amazing and more proof that academia is projecting when they accuse the right of all the "isms" in their repertoire.

A new study from Washington University in St. Louis finds that under Obama, many black Americans feel less free than whites when it comes to political participation. (More here.)
And . . .

. . . his White House pays women less than men. Worse, The White House has been described as a "hostile workplace," by his own female debate coach -- Anita Dunn, who used to be the White House Communications Director. (More here.)
Yes, they are intellectually and morally bankrupt. Frauds. Clouds without rain. All hat and no cattle.  Their walky does not match their talky, which makes perfect sense. Theorizing sounds so erudite in the faculty lounges but, like their economic models, their man-made global warming fairy tales, their Darwinist myths, and their faux moral superiority, the strict schoolmaster of reality and experience dashes their nonsense into pieces and reveals their utter hypocrisy and failed ideology for what it is.

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