17 October 2012

Homeschoolers Are Radical

In the good sense of the term. Some might even call us counter-revolutionaries. I'm honored to be counted among them. Some may recall how I took one homeschool critic to school (pun intended) and how some of these progressive elites would like to make criminals out of us - since they can't compete, nor control us. Maybe they're just jealous of something they don't really understand. Or maybe they do understand and they are afraid. If they oppose homeschooling, they have good reason to be afraid, as a recent piece at National Review Online points out:

There is exactly one authentically radical social movement of any real significance in the United States, and it is not Occupy, the Tea Party, or the Ron Paul faction. It is homeschoolers, who, by the simple act of instructing their children at home, pose an intellectual, moral, and political challenge to the government-monopoly schools, which are one of our most fundamental institutions and one of our most dysfunctional. Like all radical movements, homeschoolers drive the establishment bats.

Ah, yes, driving the [educational] establishment bats - music to my ears. The NRO piece gets to the crux of the matter:

. . . progressives by their nature do not trust people as individuals and feel that, whether we are applying for a credit card or popping into 7-Eleven for a soft drink, Americans require state-appointed overseers.

And, I would add, interpreting history.The truth is, you don't need a leftist with a Ph.D who is really a sociologist masquerading as a historian to interpret anything for you. (Canting ideologues are a dime a dozen and, when the college tuition bubble bursts, they'll be even cheaper.) If you can read and possess average intelligence, are diligent, and aware of your own biases, you can interpret history just fine. But see, that leaves them without control and the ability to shape and direct. As the writer of this piece points out, that goes against their nature. So, be radical. Tell the bureaucrats and progressives to (fill in the blank).

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