23 October 2012

Metal Detecting Post #87 - 1801 Large Cent

I recently received permission to do some relic hunting near an area that was once a large Confederate winter camp. I don't have permission to hunt the actual camp ground, but very near that spot is a bold spring (bold as in 70 gallons per minute). This spring sits on a large tract of land here in the Shenandoah Valley in a rather remote area. The spring house dates to at least the early 1800's - maybe earlier. Anyway, in talking to the landowner, he informed me that a few years ago, he had to do some excavating and fill all around the spring house. Oh well, I thought I'd give it a try anyway and detect as close to that area as possible. The soldiers might have spent quite a bit of time in this location - watering horses, washing items, etc. 

So I walked up a little knoll near the spring and started getting a lot of iron signals from my metal detector, with a sweet tone every now and then. The first good signal was this 1801 Draped Bust, 1/000 Large Cent - my very first one. I also found this other item that I thought was some kind of shield pin, but after doing some research, I believe it's probably a reign end decoration, circa 1860. I also found what is apparently a counter-stamped large cent and and some other iron items. In doing some additional research with old maps, I think I may have stumbled on to an old home site. I only had a couple of hours to hunt the area. The ground was a bit dry, but you can bet once we get some more rain, I'll be checkin' it out some more.

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