22 October 2012

What I Read Every Morning

I thought this might be of some interest to readers here. This is my reading routine every morning:
  1. The Bible (King James AV 1611, of course. If you have to ask why, you're reading the wrong blog). I normally read the chapter in Proverbs which corresponds with the day's date. I often will read something from the New Testament and/or Psalms as well.
  2. The Drudge Report - this has replaced (become) my morning newspaper. I used to get the Richmond Times Dispatch and liked the emphasis on Virginia, but they took a hard left a few years ago and started regurgitating AP stories. It became worthless dribble which is too expensive to use as toilet paper - not to mention that absorbing the ink was probably not good for my health.
  3. The American Thinker - excellent political and cultural essays with some original thought. Very conservative and traditionalist.
  4. LewRockwell.com - more of number 3 above, except with much more "diversity" of thought, even the leftist variety now and then, hardcore libertarianism and thought provoking - and sometimes a bit weird.
  5. The Art of Manliness - just good old-fashioned man stuff from a youngster who "gets it."
  6. Uncrate - gadgets, gizmos, tools, clothing, and accessories for men. This is where I get my Christmas list to give to my wife and kids. ;o) 
  7. Treasurenet - Love this forum and seeing what folks are recovering and saving out of the ground. Often quite fascinating and educational.
  8. Civil War Memory - Surprised? I like to know what the other side is thinking in regards to historical perspectives. ;o) You can read Kevin's thought provoking blog and skip the rest of the wanna-be's in the Civil War blogosphere who basically parrot what Kevin's writing . . . not much original thinking with that bunch, if you know what I mean. Kevin probably best represents my alter ego as well as modern academic thought/perspectives on history and the War Between the States - much of it wrong. Think of us as Yin and Yang. I'm Yang, Kevin's Yin.

Other items occasionally make the list as well, but this is what I read with general consistency every morning.


Lindsay said...

I love this! I always wonder what others are doing for their early morning reading. I use the NKJV, but I love the KJV version too. I have been following Todd Starnes of Fox News a lot too and I enjoy reading his stuff.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

"I always wonder what others are doing for their early morning reading."

Yes, me too. Thanks for the comment.