29 November 2012

Academia: More Flagrant Hypocrisy

More of that durn persistent "anecdotal evidence" about the left-wing radicalism that defines 21st academia in America:

Butler University. Where white means bad, male means bad, heterosexual means bad, American means bad. And the University saw that it was good.

This is almost parallel universe stuff but, actually, it's worse. It's hate-inspired. It's the very worst type of ugly prejudices academia ostensibly opposes. Hypocrites. Of course we know, based on academics that *used to come here and deny this, that a professor's political views rarely influence teaching. Liars.

More here.

*I'd love for an academic to come here and defend this, but they won't. I think they finally realized the empirical evidence revealed them for what they are. Once again, these folks don't live up to their own standards.

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