10 November 2012

Happy 237th To The U.S. Marine Corps!

(And, memo to President Obama - the "p" in Corps is silent.)

I hope this will be a historic day in other ways as well as I'm headed to some private property close to the Chancellorsville Battlefield to do some relic hunting. I, along with a good friend, will be scouting out an area that has some remaining earthworks. 

And, in a related story . . . 

In 1921 the U.S. Marine Corps conducted training maneuvers on farms adjacent to Ellwood. The legendary and eccentric commander of this force was General Smedley Butler. According to the then owner of Ellwood, Butler dismissed the notion of Jackson's arm being buried there and ordered a squad of Marines to dig beneath the Smith marker to prove that nothing was there. Much to his astonishment, they unearthed the arm. Butler had it reburied and ordered a bronze plaque cemented to the top of the stone.

Since General Butler confirmed the presence of the arm, it has remained undisturbed. Each year thousands of people visit Ellwood. Most come specifically to see the cemetery and to pay their respects to the general whose severed limb now lies beneath Ellwood's soil.

Don't worry, we won't be digging anywhere near Jackson's arm.

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