22 November 2012

O Give Thanks

For our religious heritage . . .  

Civilization is a social contract in which the participants must agree on the terms of an orderly existence.  Those terms involve moral obligations consistent with the dominant culture.  History teaches us that great civilizations are conquered from within, perhaps because, in their striving for greatness, they neglect and abandon the principles that built their success.  Those principles are usually grounded in religion.  Before there were laws in books, there was religion in the hearts and minds of people struggling to carve a decent life out of a cruel and brutish landscape . . . We have been systematically conditioned to tolerate behavior that once would have elicited gasps from even the most seasoned exhibitionists.  It appears that we have lost our ability to be shocked.  Nevertheless, in the face of all this evidence that we are in desperate need of a spiritual Renaissance, those who strive for a rebirth of values are pejoratively referred to as members of the "religious right."  In other words, if you want a return to the days when twelve-year-olds were not having sex with their teachers, child molesters weren't soliciting children on the internet (NAMBLA), and murders didn't occur in multiples, you must be some sort of extremist.
Well, if being an extremist means having faith in a higher power and clinging to a values-based moral code, it's a label we should wear proudly.  It was worn by our ancestors when they celebrated the first Thanksgiving in the New World.

I'm with our ancestors. More here at the American Thinker.


Mitt Romnerd said...

Typical right wing babble that conveniently disregards the white supremacy and genocide perpetrated on the native Americans and African and Asian Americans. More proof that old white men are completely in denial about their legacy of racism. Enjoy propogaring your skewed version of history and proving all of us that we are on the right side which continues to be the left! All praise the power of the people. It's finally our time to take it all back.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hello Mitt. Sounds like you harbor bitterness for old folks and white people. Such a hater. This is your last comment, I don't allow haters here.

Mitt Romnerd said...

I understand. Like I imagine your confederate (aka slave supressing) ancestors were, you prefer to simply walk away. You just call it secession instead of cowardice. I'm glad my friends at the Southern Poverty Law Center have exposed all you confederates. Hard to believe you still exist. The election has exposed you. Now youre on the radar.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

You're quite entertaining. Your comment provides some comic relief, so I let it through. So you know my ancestors, do you? Actually, none of my Confederate ancestors owned slaves, which I assume is what you were trying to say. BTW, the word "suppress" means to oppose. Kinda confused, aren't you?

I also had ancestors who also fought for the Union and another who was ostracized and persecuted because he thought Indians should be compensated fairly for their land.

"Exposed" me? I've been blogging here for 7 years, I really didn't need to be "exposed."

I'm "on the radar"? For what, ethnic cleansing? Elimination? Threat of violence against me? Take away my freedom of expression? My Lord, you're textbook. If anyone's being exposed, it's idiots like you. Keep talking, just do it elsewhere.