28 November 2012

Transform Education - Just A Mouse Click Away

I enjoy keeping up with learning (vs. "education") trends. Since my wife and I were involved in the early pioneer stages of homeschooling here in Virginia and since all 15 (soon to be 16, Lord willin') of my grandchildren are being homeschooled to one degree or another,  learning is very important to me.

The following is a great idea - as long as homeschooling parents would be allowed to compete in the All-Star educator competition. Anyone have a problem with that? You shouldn't. My wife and I, along with all my children, are entitled to be considered "educators" every bit as much as someone teaching at the high school level and in possession of a Master's degree in education. We've got the successful track record to prove it.

It’s an idea so simple and so transformational it’s stunning it hasn’t already been implemented nationally.

Here it is: film America’s greatest K-12 teachers delivering their lessons and put them online in a one-stop shop website for students, parents, and young teachers to watch and learn from for free.
Imagine the possibilities and benefits. 

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kindredblood said...

For Free? No way...I think my intellectual property is worth something. Teachers are already earning way less than most professionals with the same amount of education or in some cases much less.

The idea is a good one, but there are some serious questions that must be asked. My first thought is, is this just another fad in education that we who are in education see constantly coming down the pipe?

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

"I think my intellectual property is worth something."

Yes, but does anyone else?

kindredblood said...

Very good question. Currently my school board does as they continue to contract me year to year.

I would think that if one was chosen to be on this site you describe that their intellectual property would be worth more than being free...IMHO.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Corey - public education is already touted as "free" - I don't see anything indicating a difference. Obviously, the teachers would have to be compensated in similar fashion to what they are now. But, with this model, it would weed out the lesser performing ones. We wouldn't need as many, the cost would be lower per student and all students could benefit from the "best" teachers. Taxpayers and students would benefit, but teacher's unions would not. Looks like a win/win/lose to me, but at least the right group is losing.