05 November 2012

Will History Repeat? Reagan 2.0?

Anyone with even the slightest political memory (and who is old enough) can't help but see the eerie similarities between this election and the one of 1980. From gas prices to the economy to the Middle East to a totally inept (or intentionally destructive) President, it's surreal.

But history does often repeat itself and some are seeing a possible Reaganesque legacy in Romney. We shall see . . .

Call him Reagan 2.0.  By the end of the week, a thankful nation will settle down to anticipate the hope and change that will accrue from the presidency of a Ronald Reagan for a new generation: Mitt Romney.

And . . .

Robert McFarlane, a national security adviser for President Reagan, identifies three qualities that set Reagan apart: a "rock-solid commitment to American values," "integrity and political courage," and "the ability to inspire confidence."  Reagan 2.0 surpasses 1.0 in all of these areas: Romney displays a commitment in both personal and public life to Judeo-Christian values -- Reagan's personal life was, at times, problematic; his campaign and lifestyle are living testament to a relentless commitment to Christian service and an ordinarily exceptional America that has gone out of vogue since the Reagan presidency; and he displays the sunny confidence of what the Las Vegas Review-Journal call a "moral, capable and responsible man."  He combines Reagan's leadership skills with shrewd management capabilities and Reagan's disposition with the savvy of someone who has devoted his life to making dysfunctional organizations work -- for everyone, not just for those who think that hell is meatloaf and ketchup.

More here at the American Thinker.

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