03 December 2012

Full Of Poop

My 4 year-old granddaughter was pretending the other day that she was a Doctor. I got to be the patient. I was sitting in a reclining chair. My granddaughter looked at me, folded her arms and asked:

"What wong wif u?"

I said, "Nothin', except this fat little belly of mine." 

She put her hand on my stomach, frowned, looked seriously into my face and said,

"I fink u pwobwem is it's full of poop."

Laughing, I said, "Really?" She said,

"Yep, u need potty time. Go tell u Mom."

(My wife agreed with the diagnosis - I'm sure a few of my readers do as well.) 


13thBama said...

You gotta love that age! I fondly remember my daughter, all of about 5 years old, patting my belly and saying "it looks like someone is having a baaaaaaabbbbyyyyy"

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Sure do! Grandkids are how God rewards one for not killing his children.