27 December 2012

Hating The Southern Accent

Such haters in the world today . . . 

Contestant Renee Durette was on a roll toward thousands of dollars on the game show "Wheel of Fortune." She had the winning answer to the word puzzle - "Seven Swans a Swimming" - or so she thought. Durette, a Navy Intel Specialist from Merritt Island, Fla., dropped the "g" - pronouncing "swimming" as "swimmin'."

Story here. Couldn't she sue for discrimination, or profilin' or somethin'? If I were her, I'd watch future episodes very carefully and, if the answer is ever "New Jersey", and the yankee contestant answers, "New Joisey", she's gotta case. What about New Yorkers who say "Cape Cad" instead of "Cape Cod" or Yankees who don't pronounce "R's"? I guess it's just the Southern accent that the media masters despise.


Anonymous said...

ABOUT TIME somebody brought up REGIONAL double standards! (All I've read so far was about racial double standards.) First of all, New Jerseyans do not pronounce their home state "Noo Joisey" except for Jersey City, which is literally right over the border from New York City, as "New/Noo Joisey" is actually a New York City accent (a/k/a "Brooklynese"). But had Renee Durette been from NYC and spoke with its accent or even from Boston and spoke with a Boston accent, this would have made the front page of those cities' respective newspapers. (Reason being that those accents are specific to cities rather than a whole region and that those two accents, like the Southern accent, are globally famous.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

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