17 December 2012

Not Since Reconstruction

*Update - some on the left and the blogosphere are already poo-pooing and belittling Scott's appointment. No big surprise there. Scott rose to power by rejecting much of what the left expects of African-Americans - to look to them for their advancement. Senator Scott said, "no thanks" and simply used his God-given talents, nurtured by a Christian mentor and faith - anathema to the hustlers on the left - to become successful. He's an excellent role model.

Mr. Scott’s parents were divorced when he was 7. His mother, a nurse at a hospital in Charleston, raised him and his older brother, who is now in the Army in Germany, by herself, often working 16-hour days to keep them off welfare.

He was rescued by a man named John Moniz, who ran the Chick-fil-A next to the movie theater. Mr. Moniz became his mentor, imbuing him with his conservative, Christian philosophy and, as a graduate of the Citadel, teaching him the importance of structure and discipline. He also introduced him to the self-help views of the motivational Christian author Zig Ziglar.

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Not since the Reconstruction era has a black Republican from the South served in the U.S. Senate. Tim Scott makes history. 

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