23 January 2013

Lexington Book - Almost There

Well, I'm excited that I've finally finished writing the book, Lexington and the Civil War. I've  reviewed the manuscript edit I received back from my copy editor at the History Press, made some changes and corrections and, early this morning, sent those back to be proofed. The only things left to do are to receive the proofed pages back, review for spelling errors, etc. and suggest any changes and also review the cover and approve and/or suggest changes.

The image shown here, in some ways, represents the contents of the book: old to new. I discuss both the history of the war's impact on Lexington - including some of the events leading up to it - as well as the enduring legacy it still holds on this beautiful "Athens of the South." The pen was my great-grandmother's. The flash drive was given to me (I reimbursed them) by someone who helped with some research and who is associated with the Leyburn Library and W& L. The whole book - documents, images, notes, etc., is on this W&L flash drive - quite appropriate, don't you think? Its also on my PC hard drive. After a virus and crash corrupted most of the original book files and I had to start over, I made sure I was backed up in spades this time.

And, I'll have an exciting announcement to make about the book shortly before its release in early March. I've been blessed by having another author (and real historian) make a significant contribution to the book. He's also very excited about what he's contributed. I think some folks are going to be surprised. I'll announce that surprise author when I release the updated marketing *video I'm working on now. Stay tuned.

I'm going to take a break, but I've already begun gathering research material for my next book. Its one I've wanted to write for some time. 

*This first video was something I put together quickly. The next one will be much more detailed.

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