18 January 2013

Overcoming Southern Culture

I guess Mr. Rangel wants all of us to become tax cheats like him. If I were Rangel, I'd spend my time overcoming an accent that sounds a lot like a mobster. Oh yeah, and paying a little closer to the tax code - that he wrote. Hey Chuck, I'll keep my Southern culture, you keep your morals. What a funny man.

And, on a side note, I've noticed how several notable Civil War blogs like to accuse certain folks in the Southern heritage crowd of fabricating and encouraging a "divide" between North and South regarding history and the culture wars. Yet it is their side of the political spectrum that is constantly South bashing and inflaming this divide. These folks just can't seem to get either history or current events right. Are they misinformed or are they simply lying?

A related article about this war on certain aspects of Southern culture can be found in a piece at today's American Thinker site. Here's an excerpt which reflects this:

Consider the extent to which the federal government has gone, during the past four years, to brand conservatives, Christians, defenders of the Constitution, gun owners, and in general believers in property rights, as not merely racist and stupid (the usual mantra), but rather as angry, "bitter," and positively unhinged.

This is why they also want to trash the constitution and why gullible history bloggers open wide and swallow
. Though the AT piece doesn't mention the South specifically, we all know that is the region where most of these beliefs are the strongest. Don't be fooled by progressive historians who accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of - it's a common tactic of frauds.

However, in a good-natured push back to the corrupt elitists in New York who wish to punish law-abiding citizens, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has sent a message to those same law-abiding gun-owners:

Texas is better than New York, and New York just gave us another excuse to say that.
And, you gotta love this:

Abbott, a possible candidate for governor of Texas in next year's election, used campaign money to buy ads on websites of news organizations in New York City and Albany. One ad says in classic Western script: "WANTED: Law abiding New York gun owners seeking lower taxes and greater opportunities."

So, if our yankee friends take Abbott up on his offer (and I hope they do), that will leave only the non-law-abiding in New York. You know, politicians like Charlie Rangel.


Leades said...

Thanks for this article. I am from Texas and Greg Abbott's stunt tickles me even though I know that most of the New Yorkers who take advantage of his offer will immediately start pushing for changes in the law to make us just like New York.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Leades - That is a common consequence however, in this case, I gotta think that anyone who moves from NY to TX just for 2nd amendment reasons, is more likely of a kindred spirit. Thanks for reading.