08 February 2013

Reviewing The Rebel Yell

I'll be doing a review of The History of the Rebel Yell for Pelican Publishing later this month. The reading of this book, and the review, will be in conjunction with another project I'm working on.

From the publisher's press release:

The text suggests a substantial theory of the origins of the yell in Scotch-Irish history and analyzes its many variations and historical descriptions. Also assessed in these chapters are the few recorded versions of the Rebel Yell. This work includes historic stories and poems featuring the yell before concluding with a list of references.

Pelican is a great publishing company with a long and rich history:

Its history embraces such names as William Faulkner, whose first trade publication was published by Pelican, Stuart O. Landry, whose vision kept the company alive from 1926 to 1966, and the Calhoun family, who expanded a small, ailing regional publishing house into an internationally successful company. 

Look for the review by the end of the month.


Brother Juniper said...

Makes a great mint julep as well.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

So I hear. ;-)