11 April 2013

Alan Jackson & George Strait Have A Message For Brad Paisley

Here's a follow up to yesterday's post. Paisley isn't the real "Rebel" in all this - performers like Strait and Jackson are. Paisley is just conforming to current cultural trends and fads - apologizing for Confederate/Southern heritage. Though this song is a bit dated, it still applies to Paisley. The song created quite a stir when Strait and Jackson originally performed it. By the way, my youngest son who is much more knowledgeable about country music than I am is telling me I've come down way too hard on Paisley. (Another reader also sent me an email pretty much taking the same position as my son.) Their take on Paisley's last two songs are almost polar opposites from mine. However, as my son would admit, when we disagree on something, he usually has to come back at some point and say, "Dad, you know, you were right about that." ;-) I hope he's right this time - but I don't think so. Time will tell.

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