13 April 2013

Historian & Publisher, Stephen W. Sylvia's Latest Salvo

Publisher Steve Sylvia has another great editorial in the most recent issue of my favorite WBTS publication. Here's an excerpt:

I am always stunned by the ramblings and churlish musings of revisionists who differently interpret the valiant efforts of those [Civil War] veterans. Some choose to claim their postwar efforts were but a ploy to exonerate the South's evil addiction to slavery and conceal the war's sinister intent under the guise of an idealistic Lost Cause.
One such author accused the old vets of both sides of being racists seeking to doom the former blacks to a modern economic slavery. He ignored the basic fact that very few of the combatants of either side fought for or against that issue. Rather, they fought to preserve the union, they fought to gain independence, they fought to repel an invader, and they fought for vague concepts of youthful idealism and adventure. 

Steve's perspective is always so refreshing as he's not infected with the PC virus. He also produces a first class publication and is one of the unsung heroes of Civil War history preservation.  I'd recommend you read the rest of Steve's piece here.

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