11 April 2013

I Think Someone Is Lying

Tired of being subjected to “indoctrination” in his classes, he [Tyler Talgo] began recording some of his professors’ lectures to expose the utter lack of objectivity in the classroom . . . Talgo, a sophomore at USC, told TheBlaze that he has had problems with a number of professors at USC who try to “indoctrinate students with their political agenda.”
Lack of objectivity in the classroom! Well I don't believe it - that's not what academics and educators who have come here in the past have told us. Someone must be lying and I think I know who it is.

I would recommend other students start recording what their teachers are saying in class. Tyler's professor makes a clearly racist and sexist statement to his students:

Old white guys are stubborn sons of b**ches, they just are.

Yeah, well - thanks for the compliment there Professor, but let's leave my Mama out of this - ok partner?

This is what passes for education in America today, while "educators" and "historians" chase neo-Confederates and David Barton all over the internet. I'd try to distract others from what's really going on too if I were them. What responsible parent would want to send their kid into that kind of environment? More to come on this topic in another post soon.

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13thBama said...

I am willing to give up [The Democratic Party] in order to be safer or more secure.

That is what the paper should have read


Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Agreed but, sadly, the "opposition" party is rolling over on a lot of this stuff.

EJ DAgrosa (HBG) said...

The irony in all this is that he constantly says the Republican party is just a bunch of "angry, old, white people". By his standards, shouldn't he be a Republican then? He's 1.) clearly angry 2.) white 3.) he appears to be a human being, though I am willing to hold out for more evidence on the last part. What was the topic of this class again by the way?

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

BTW, I'm posting about this incident later this evening. Thanks for passing it along. The Blaze is doing a fantastic job at REAL journalism.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

You will notice that the left is, more and more, projecting their "issues" on others. They are masters at accusing others at what they, themselves, are guilty of. For example, any "miseducation" of the SCV, David Barton, and others pales in comparison to what is going on within the educational establishment. But they must keep up the distraction - "here, watch the stuffed bunny in this hand, while I do my magic trick with the other."