18 April 2013

Metal Detecting Post #101 - Battle Of Mine Run Finds

I had an absolutely wonderful time walking and exploring an area near the Battle of Mine Run (on private property) in Orange, Virginia last Saturday. The invitational Civil War relic hunt was sponsored by The Rapidan River Relic Hunters Association. The weather was perfect and there is nothing to renew your spirit like a gorgeous Virginia day in April. Throw in fellowship with like-minded men and the opportunity to learn some history, as well as recover and touch some history, and you have the makings for a memorable day. I took some video and may put something together in the future. I'm sssoooo far behind in planned posts.

L to R: Confederate Gardner, 69 Caliber minie, button back (most likely from a general service eagle button), another Gardner, and a 58 caliber minie.
The shaded yellow area is approximately where the invitational hunt was held.

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