14 May 2013

Are Professional Educators & Historians Liars Or Ignorant?

Yes, that is a serious question. If you will stroll through some of the posts on this blog about political propaganda in American classrooms, you will read a number of comments from educators and historians who deny that teachers in the classroom have, and are, politicizing education and are steering their students toward a particular worldview.

With all the revelations in recent years, I've come to the conclusion that these individuals have to be either liars or ignorant - there's absolutely no other conclusion to which one can come. Our educational system is doing much more than "educating" - it has become a political tool for radical leftist ideology. The latest chapter in this whole story is Common Core State Standards. "Bat s**t craxy" Glenn Beck has been at the forefront of exposing this latest revelation and, once again, as the facts come out, he's being proven right. A recent article at the "Bat s**t crazy" American Thinker reveals that Common Core is certainly in sync with the ideology promoted by many history bloggers, "professional" historians, and other "professionals" in academia:

The idea of a core curriculum is appealing to conservatives, who imagine replacing the current multicultural smorgasbord with a great books course that communicates the adventure and drama of human experience. In the hands of education bureaucrats, however, this junior high school literature curriculum is a biased collection, selected for the most part to indict America for its sins . . .

America's children should certainly learn about our shameful history of racism, but it is so overdone by our educational establishment that my kids roll their eyes when they're forced to sit through another racism assembly or read another slave narrative.

Leftists like Alinsky and Gramsci preached that the progressive revolution can be achieved by a "long march through the institutions." Taking control of the school curriculum of unformed minds is the most effective way to build the next generation of progressives.
Recently Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed a bill to "pause" implementation of Common Core while they "take a long, hard look" at the standards. Let's hope other states follow suit.

These professionals continue to - day by day, blog post by blog post, book by book, speech by speech, snarky comment by snarky comment - ruin their credibility.

One of the things that is so ironic about this information (as well as other recent stunning news about the ruling class), is that it is becoming more and more obvious that the "experts" are getting so much wrong. Homeschoolers have been aware of this dangerous trend in education for over 30 years, yet they have endured constant criticisms and mocking from these same "experts." The "Bat s**t crazy" homeschooling movement was light years ahead of the curve and are on the cutting edge of improving education options in America - despite opposition from professional educators. It's fascinating time to be alive and watch the deck of cards collapse.

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