01 May 2013

First The Flag, Then The Monuments

Well, here we go: Petition wants Stone Mt. Confederate carving removed

So the petition - according to that article - has 35 signatures. (That will increase, I'm sure.)  And some professional educators chime in with criticisms of the SCV and "Southrons" for opposing this, instead of criticism of the ridiculous petition. Anyone surprised? I gotta give it to them though, they are disciplined about sticking to the script.

Of course, we've seen this type of censorship and destruction of art before. Cultural cleansing on the march. 

The online poll is running 10 to 1 against. So why is it even news? Because the media wants to help drive the agenda, that's why. In other news today, it seems like secession is more popular than is the idiotic idea of pulverizing Stone Mountain. And, once again, the left leads the charge.

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