20 May 2013

My Jackson Book Reads Like A College Term Paper

The latest Amazon review on Stonewall Jackson - The Black Man's Friend:
Reads much like a college term paper. Well documented but some of the author's conclusions are suspect in my opinion. I enjoyed the subject and am happy that someone has attempted to explore it. General Jackson was truly an enigma and remarkable man in a very positive way.
Fair enough. I'll take it.

In regards to the reviewers comment that he is ". . . happy that someone has attempted to explore it . . . [Jackson's relationship to African-Americans and his black Sunday school class]", the topic has been explored before, just not in great detail. Interestingly enough, during the four years I spent researching the book, I was given unfettered access to all the related files at the Stonewall Jackson House. In one of those files was a pamphlet which dated, if I recall correctly, to the 1970's and which mentioned this topic. And I believe there was a note attached about the possibility of someone writing a complete booklet or book about the subject. Evidently, that never happened and my book is the first and, as far as I know, only book on this topic in print.

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