12 May 2013

Propaganda Profiting On The Backs Of The Poor

Hypocritical ruling class elites:

Salaries of presidents of U.S. public universities rose almost 5 percent in the last fiscal year, even as tuition rose and student debt soared, with the median pay package topping $400,000, according to a report released on Sunday. (Story here.)
And . . . 

A new report finds hundreds of schools are charging low-income students obscene prices, even while lavishing tuition discounts on their wealthier classmates. (Story here.)

Sounds like the Occupy Wall Street folks should occupy academia. Wouldn't you just love to see 1960's style sit-ins and protests at some of these schools that are populated by Marxists and that denigrate American Exceptionalism at every opportunity? Protests that "speak truth to power" against overpaid academics? I wonder if the profs and administrators would chime in with "down with capitalism" then?

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