30 May 2013

Schools Of Subversion: How Public Education Lays The Foundation For University

Subverting patriotism and "what Americans need to know to be a self-governing people rather than merely subjects or clients or clogs of an ever-growing encompassing state." 

For the non-believers out there . . . 
It has become common knowledge [unless you're a member of the flat-earth society] that universities are bastions of political correctness, but that waterfall is spilling down through public education institutions all the way to the elementary level. Even a cursory look at headlines reveals that innocent children are being subjected to an all too often vicious form of political indoctrination designed to create a liberal mindset as early as possible.
From elevating Che Guevara to hero status, to demonizing the Three Little Pigs, the institutional left is fundamentally transforming American culture by exploiting the minds of children - and many history and academic bloggers seem to be in the dark about this or, much more likely, they're simply complicit.


ropelight said...

Soon enough it just might occur to a graduate of the public education system that he's got good shot at a class action lawsuit against his parents, teachers, the teacher's union, the school district, and the federal Education Department for both compensatory and punitive damages.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Yes, wouldn't that be interesting?! Isn't it amazing that everything the government gets into, it screws up? Education, healthcare, banking, etc, etc. The only thing they seem to be able to do half efficiently is make war.

Yet the kooky left in academia wants more and more of their epic fails - this from the "best and brightest" among us. ☺