02 June 2013

American History Is "Pretty Much About Slavery"

I've posted many, many statements here about how most mainstream academic and professional historians go out of their way to focus on "America's national sin" - slavery. They're absolutely obsessed with it. Just peruse most history blogs - particularly those which focus on the WBTS. Many on the inside (including Eugene Genovese) have admitted that academia - "canting ideologues", as he calls them - uses the subject to advance their political agenda.

The honest academics admit this. The ignorant and lying ones deny it; which is why I found this comment by a recent college graduate quite interesting:
But in specific terms, what did these students learn about American history?  Or citizenship? One student said the content of his assigned studies was “pretty much about slavery.”
And, following another frequent theme on this blog, I also found this statement quite interesting:
“Although some classes in my degree are going to help me with the general outline, on-the job training and part-time jobs [taught me] exponentially more than what I’ve paid for,” one former student said.
A couple of years ago, I recall reading a comment by an academic military historian on another Civil War blog who said that "book learning" was far more useful than experience. I wonder if he'd prefer a heart surgeon fresh out of "book learning" medical school, or one who's got a few thousand surgeries under his belt? But don't confuse him with reality - that would require thought. His comment was actually quite condescending toward those without college degrees. I don't think this person has ever held a job in the private sector, so he's led a rather sheltered life. 

Of course, none of this comes as a surprise to me. I've known it for years. Is it any wonder I don't trust a lot of academics?

Just to be clear, there is no one in America who values knowledge and wisdom, and who possesses more of a yearning to learn, than do I. But the monopoly (now being successfully challenged, by the way) that the left and the government has had on our education system has failed miserably.  


Ralph Steel said...

Sadly most of you evidence comes from Breitbart and Beck who I believe neither did not attend college or dropped out. Both seek to destroy Higher Ed. in order to make their path look better in the eyes of their drone followers.

Sad really. Are there issues in Higher Ed.? Sure, but I will still send my kids to college.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Why don't you check their sources and address the charges instead of shooting the messenger? Let me answer that for you - because they're right and you can't. I support your free choice to educate your children however you see fit. Help yourself. Just leave the rest of us alone when it comes to our choices.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Ralph- Neither seek to "destroy higher ed" - just expose it for what it is and, hopefully by doing so, make it better. And, by the way, I'm a proud college drop out, yet reasonably well-educated. Let's see, I believe Shelby Foote, Bill Gates, Rush Limbaugh, William Safire, Alfred E. Smith, and Abe Lincoln either (all highly successful) dropped out or never attended college at all. So, please make your point - if you have one.

Anonymous said...

"I'm a proud college drop out..." - Um, yeah that's something to be proud of. Sounds a little like you've been trying to justify quitting yourself.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

I found that there were much more interesting and useful lessons being taught at the bar just down the road.

ropelight said...

Better to have avoided college and know something than to have graduated and know nothing.

The only people impressed by college degrees are those who don't have them.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Rope - true. 3 of my 6 children went to college. 2 others went to technical schools. 1 of the six completed her degree and is state certified to teach, though she chose to stay home and homeschool her 6 children. 4 of my 6 children are homeschooling their children, which takes an enormous commitment and amount of energy. My family is just as dedicated to education as is any American family. I resent these elitists suggesting otherwise.

Thanks for your comment.

Brother Juniper said...

Very often it is only the United States that is “pretty much about slavery.” Other great slave-owning civilizations are usually judged by a different standard. This inconsistency is proof of the bias.

Education works best when book learning is reinforced by experience (which, of course, is exactly what you’re saying). Thomas Sowell often says “experience trumps brilliance.”

Changing the subject entirely, did you read about that new Texas Bible app that changes “you” to “y’all” whenever a plural "you" occurs in the Bible (it leaves the singular "you" alone)? Seemed strange at first blush, but it is actually useful since knowing whether “you” is singular or plural can influence interpretation - but still I’m kind of partial to the traditional “thou” and “you” for singular and plural.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hello Peter - you are correct. It is, at the highest levels, purely agenda driven. Was not aware of the Bible app - where else but Texas? ☺