11 June 2013

Two Examples Of The More Robust

As a follow up to yesterday's post, I recalled something I read in one of my favorite books of recent years - Lost Gold of the Republic. The excerpt below is in reference to the two men who made one of the most amazing and richest discoveries (both financially and historically) in American history:
While the differences between the two partners were obvious to all, including them, they were also developing immense trust in each other. Both shared a common bond: a willingness to travel unconventional paths. John [Morris] had left college after three semesters for lack of interest. As he put it, they didn't have anything to teach him that he wanted to know.
And then there's Morris's partner, Greg Stemm:
He dropped out of college at the age of 20, and “took care of a sailboat for a gentleman in the entertainment business”. This was how he ended up working with Bob Hope, for whom he worked as a personal assistant-cum-location scout. “He was a bright guy and very kind to me. That’s what sidetracked me into advertising and marketing.”
By the mid-Eighties Stemm was still in advertising when, with a group of likeminded businessmen — including the Apple founder Steve Jobs and Michael Dell of Dell Computers — he set up the Young Entrepreneurs Organization, a network for fledgeling tycoons. Today YEO has 6,000 members in 70 countries. Stemm, though, still felt the call of the sea and when, in 1986, he met a shipbroker in a *bar in Grand Cayman, an opportunity arose that seemed too good to miss.
*As I discovered in college, I often learned much more valuable information and received a better education by skipping class and hanging out at the local bar - though I'm not comfortable recommending that course for others. ☺

Here's some video about this amazing discovery.

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