26 July 2013

Why Relics & Family Heirlooms Are Important

This video conveys, in simple yet profound ways, why family heirlooms and relics are so important.

I realize posts have been scarce as hen's teeth lately. My wife had knee replacement surgery two weeks ago and my spare time has been devoted to taking care of her. Thankfully, the surgeon - I warned him - did no damage (other than some inconsequential scarring) to her beautiful set of legs and she's on the mend. Recently promised posts will be coming soon.


Ralph Steel said...

Wow, True Value must not understand the idea behind patina...or they would not have let that guy sand all of the tables value off.

Sad, but good video in a sort of way.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hello Ralph. Yeah, that crossed my mind as well. Maybe he just wanted to make sure he got all that baby puke off.