04 August 2013

Here's the 2nd scanned letterhead from a collection that belonged to my great-great grandfather, Robert M. Williams. (See the first post here.) This one starts out: "S.S. Lesson, Oct. 5, 1924, Matt - 9-9" and then there are 8 verses of poetry written by my grandfather:

One day the Master passed along
Capernaum's streets, mid press and throng.

Mid wealth and squalor, age and youth
He paused beside a customs booth.

Within sat Levi, and the Lord
Spake to him a commanding word.

And gave one look of love, and lo!
The soul of Matthew was aglow.

And rising quickly, "Lord", said he
"I leave all this to follow thee."

He followed and, behold his name
Shines brightly on the scroll of fame.

Today the Master comes and see,
He utters that same word to thee!

May that same look of love enthrall
And prompt us to obey His call!

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