14 August 2013

The Greatest Generation . . .

Is most assuredly not the present one.

I wonder how many college graduates could pass this 8th grade exam from 100 years ago? The arrogance and ignorance of moderns is so obvious. When your product is an epic fail, you simply redefine "success" to cover your own idiocy.
So teachers participate in their own degradation, and celebrate sending children cool but ignorant into a dangerous world.
True dat.



E.J. D'Agrosa said...

My how the standards have fallen! I like how under the Civil Government portion of the exam they separate "democracy" and "republic", especially how today many have referred to these two systems as inter-changeable. I've been reading "Roots of American Order" by Russell Kirk, and in the forward he writes this great piece:

"At every level of instruction, from kindergarten through graduate school, the serious study of history has been declining for half a century and more..."

[wonder what old Russell would say if he saw the country today?]

He continued;
"From time to time, foundations, and learned institutions, and newspapers and magazines, growing alarmed at the drift toward ignorance of anything not featured on television, publish surveys of the extent to which the rising generation has sunk into a Sargasso sea of ignorance of the past."

Like you said...TRUE DAT!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Great comment E.J. - Kirk was a prophet.

13thBama said...

"Servia" and "Roumania"? Was that the accepted spelling of Serbia and Romania at one time?

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

I didn't catch that - don't know.