15 September 2013

After The Civil War - Rebuilding & Reconciliation

As I continue work on my next book, The Battle of Waynesboro, I recently came across a very interesting Confederate Veteran reunion pamphlet. It was the 50th reunion of Company E, 1st Va. Cavalry. This unit was originally mustered in at Waynesoboro, Virginia on 19 April 1861 and called themselves the "Valley Rangers." The reunion was held in Waynesboro. In reading the pamphlet, I took special notice of a few lines. In walking home from Appomattox, several soldiers had stopped and were sharing a meal and discussing the future. A few indicated they were going West. As explained in the pamphlet, one retorted:
"Well, boys, you can go west if you want to, but I'm going home and put out a crop and if the Yankees fool with me any more, I'll whip them again" or like another old rebel who said, "Well, I killed as many of them as they did of me and I'm going home and go to work."

The Confederate Soldier stepped from the trenches into the furrow.
And this:
Once more, thank God, we are a united country, with no North and no South, and with uncovered heads we all salute the stars and stripes.
There's more, much more. But that will do for now.

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