06 September 2013

Bruce Catton Was Right

"There may be a lovelier country somewhere – in the Island Vale of Avalon, at a gamble – but when the sunlight lies upon it and the wind puts white clouds racing their shadows the Shenandoah Valley is as good as anything America can show." ~ Bruce Catton, A Stillness at Appomattox


ropelight said...

As green and beautiful as the Shenandoah is, the countryside around Big Stone Gap in SW Virginia in mid-October will take your breath away, as will a road trip up Black Mountain past Kingdom Come, Daisy, and Viper to Hazard.

Then, there's dozens of places in Santa Barbara, especially Butterfly Beach, the Montecito Hills, or the green sward between the Mission and and the roses, and on up the canyon to the old dam.

And Figueroa Mountain in the early Springtime when multicolored wild flowers carpet the high meadows and you can see nearly the whole magnificient Santa Ynez Valley.

And, just about anywhere in San Luis Obispo County, or along the Big Sur coast, or the California Redwood forests, or Lake Tahoe anytime of the year, but especially in a powerful snowstorm in the dead of winter.

America is blessed with abundant beauty and the Shenandoah ranks with the best.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks Rope - you're right.